9 June 2017

A day in the life of an Island Gypsy

The Island Gypsy wakes up as the sun starts to rise, still wearing her bikini. She rubs her eye and stretches her body as she yawns. Slowly pushing the sheets aside, she sits up and feels the morning breeze gently graze her skin as it flows through her room from window to window. She reaches for her shirt and flips it on over her head as she makes her way over to the window to check out the view. It’s a beautiful day. The sun between the clouds looks like a painted picture as it mirrors itself on the calm waters. The Island Gypsy slowly grins then walks off to get her morning cup of coffee.

While the Island Gypsy makes her coffee, she sends a text to her friends. “Morning Babes. Ready?”

She makes her way down to the edge of the beach to meet up with her morning crew and just like every other morning, she’s the first one there. She isn’t waiting long before her girlfriends arrive at the usual meeting spot, ‘The Tree’. As they come together, all they do is smile and stroll off on their morning walk.

The morning walk contains nothing but swimwear and best friends. They make their way down to the water, then start walking along the beach. With every step, the water splashes as their toes get lost in the sand. They don’t walk very far down the beach before they can’t resist a morning dip of fresh salt water. The morning chilliness of the water has the girls making their way out sooner then expected laughing and giggling. But the fresh morning rush of diving in and out of the water has left them all with a satisfied smirk on their face. They come together. Wet salty hair blowing in the breeze, bodies shining from a coat of dripping salt water and a glistening touch of sun kissed skin, as the light appears stronger.

The Island Gypsy rinses off, changes her bikini and makes her way to breakfast with her friends. They head to their favorite breakfast stand that sells the freshest fruit and makes the best coffee. As the girls wait for their order, they slowly nod their head to the beat of the slow reggae jam that the food stand is playing. They catch each other enjoying the song and bust out in laughter. The Island Gypsy smiles and waves to the by passing traffic.

After a quick breakfast, the Island Gypsy makes her way to another friends house to hang out. Her friend welcomes her into her home and they immediately go around the back of the house and start picking bananas, avocados and mangoes from the beautiful fruit trees. As morning has become more perfect, The Island Gypsy comes up with an idea of getting the rest of the girls and having a picnic lunch at the beach. There’s not a cloud in sight and the breeze is just right. Before to long, the rest of the crew come over to pick the Island Gypsy and her friend up with all their cute gear for a day at the beach. There is not a better feeling than being around the ones you love the most and these friends mean everything to this Island Gypsy and she never takes a moment for granted with her crew because these girls are all about the good vibes.

The girls didn’t have time to prepare food for lunch so they stop off at an island style food truck to grab some food and drinks for the beach. As her friends order the food, the Island Gypsy hangs back and watches her friend’s laugh and carry on. She takes a moment to realize how grateful she is to have them before laughing at their craziness. The girls grab their lunch and head for their secret beach location.

The Island Gypsy stabs a big white umbrella into the ground to mark their spot. The umbrella has tassels on the ends that wave in the breeze. Her friends roll out a few blankets, make themselves comfy and settle in for what should be a fun filling day together.

The Island Gypsy starts weaving a flower crown together as the other girls drink out of their coconuts before joining in to making their own. It’s not easy to make but after years and years of practice, these girls have this skill down. They laugh, tell stories, reminisce and create a gorgeous piece of artwork to wear on their heads. These moments are what makes this special group of girls so close.

The girls are having a blast. Full speed. Music jamming. No stopping them. They decide to pack up their stuff and make their way down to the bay where their friends’ canoe lies under a tree. The bay isn’t far from where they are so they take a walk, and as usual, no footwear. The Island Gypsy spots a perfectly blossomed hibiscus. It’s her trademark and when she finds the right one to her standard, she picks it off the bush and pokes it through her hair and over her ear.

The Island Gypsy and her girl gang make it through the trail to the sweet, quiet, little calm bay and find her friends canoe hidden under the tree. They set up camp again and then work together to pull the canoe out from under the tree. Its heavy. Really heavy. And big. But the girls manage to slide across the soft, golden pure sand.

The girls had made it. As the sun starts to go down, the girls push the canoe into the calm bay, disturbing the peaceful water as they splash around, jumping into the canoe. The canoe sails smoothly along the oceans’ water as the girls paddle out. The girls sail quite far. You can only make out a long line from the shore. The bottom of the sun touches the horizon and the girls make their way into the beach. What a way to finish the day. They jump out of the canoe and straight into each others’ hands as they watch the sunset behind the amazing color burst sky of clouds.

And there she stands. On the shores of an oceans’ beach. Her characteristics captured, by one glowing sunset moment. She’s trendy. She’s confident. She loves the ocean breeze, sandy toes and salty kisses. She also has culture and understands tradition. She wakes up with a free spirit, lives life to the fullest, but most of all, she’s a badass.