9 June 2017

Print Stories

Inspired by the beauty that surrounds the Torres Straits, we wanted each print to be a reflection of the people, the landscape, traditions and the culture.


Made in honor of all the Pearl Divers who risked their lives diving for pearls in the Torres Strait. In the 1890s the Torres Strait provided over half the world’s supply for Pearls (buttons, cutlery, hair combs, jewelry, etc.). Pearls and Pearl shells are still used today especially for traditional attire and performances.


Frangipani Land is inspired by a song that is sung by the singing sister trio “The Mills Sisters”. The Frangipani flower in the United States is referred to as Plumeria. As for the title of the song, the Frangipani flower is found throughout all the islands of the Torres Strait.


This print is inspired by the strong Island women in the Torres Strait. The Island dress, traditionally know as ‘Au Gemwali’ is a dress worn by the women. ‘Au’ stands for big and ‘Gemwali’ stands for dress. It is cut and sewn a particular way that makes this dress unique from any other. All island dresses have an element of ruffle or crochet lace around the neckline. They are all bright, vibrant colors. This print incorporates all these elements.


This print represents the crystal clear waters of the Torres Strait. The shades of blue the water creates in the Torres Strait is nothing like you have ever seen before.


This print represents the beautiful people and culture of the Torres Strait.


Damper is an abstract print about the process of making traditional Island bread known to the islanders as Damper. It is made by combining flour and water together. To make it sweeter you can also add syrup to the mix. Once the dough is made it is wrapped in banana leaves to be cooked.


This print relates to a beach on Prince of Wales Island. The beach is made up of small crushed shells, sand and rocks, but from the water it just looked like a normal sandy beach.


Trevally has been inspired by the fishing industry in the Torres Strait. Trevally is a type of fish that is commonly seen and caught in the Indo-Pacific region and is also the first fish that Alyssa [founder/designer] caught while fishing in the Torres Strait. In this print the Trevally is illustrated by weaving coconut leaves together to form the shape of the fish. Coconut weaving is also a big craft in the Torres Strait and is used to make baskets, structures, decorations and is even used in traditional dance performances.